Ernest in the Army (1998)

Ernest in the Army (1998)

Directed by: John R. Cherry III

Starring: Jim Varney, Hayley Tyson, David Müller

Here it is. Finally. The last Ernest movie! No more watching Ernest movies ever again for me! …Except apparently there was one weird one before the first one with Ernest in a cameo role. And also my friends wants to watch the short-lived Ernest TV show with him, too. By that point, I figure I’ll finally have worked up enough nerve to end it all, and then there’ll be no more Ernest ever. Never again. No more Ernest.

Ernest joins the army during Desert Storm and does a bunch of half-assed jokes. Nothing is funny nor worthwhile to mention about Ernest in the Army.

Seriously, this movie is so sad, even compared to the other Ernest films. You can tell that not even Varney is into it anymore (of course, it could have something to do with him dying of lung cancer, but whatever) and everybody’s just there for a paycheck. A paycheck which could’ve been gained with more dignity by prostitution or begging on the street.


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