Ernest Goes to Africa (1997)

Ernest Goes to Africa (1997)

Directed by: John R. Cherry III

Starring: Jim Varney, Linda Kash, Jamie Bartlett

You can just see the scene: It’s 1997, John Cherry is sitting in a room by himself, surrounded by crumpled up pieces of paper and broken pencils. Finally he looks up, as if struck by inspiration. “What if… Ernest… went to… AFRICA?! All the kids like Africa, right?”

When Ernest buys some rare gems from a flea market, he finds him and the girl he’s crushing on this week chased by evil bad guys who are bad and don’t like them. When neither of them know anything about the gems (Ernest has turned them into a yo-yo), the bad guys inexplicably take them both to Africa, where they do adventures and meet the natives and all sorts of other stupid shit.

Oh, but I didn’t mention the most amazing part of this film! At one point, Ernest gets in blackface and pretends to be a servant fella in a diaper named “Hey You, the Hindu”. It’s exactly as bad as that sounds, or perhaps worse if you’re extra sensitive about horribly racist caricatures. Then again, if you’ve got any kind of taste whatsoever, you probably aren’t going to be watching Ernest Goes to Africa.

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