Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1995)

Darkman II: The Return of Durant (1995)

Directed by: Bradford May

Starring: Larry Drake, Arnold Vosloo, Kim Delaney

Remember Darkman, the Sam Raimi “superhero” movie starring Liam Neeson? Well, he’s back, and he’s more not Liam Neeson than ever! What do you mean I don’t remember anything about the movie Darkman? Let me just look up my review of it… hm… it seems I didn’t do one. Weird. Maybe it’s like a Back to the Future thing and Sam Raimi went back in time and deleted all mentions and copies of it?! Or maybe I just forgot, I dunno, that’s possible.

Darkman thought he killed Durant (who I guess was the bad guy of the first movie?), but he gets brought back from the dead by his cronies. Darkman’s attempts to make his face formula work for longer (his whole thing is that he makes fake faces to cover up his messed up face, and also he can’t feel pain) run him across Durant’s gang again, and he tries to infiltrate the group and destroy them from the inside.

Who could’ve ever wanted a thing like Darkman II? For that matter, who liked BOTH of these movies enough to warrant a Darkman III, which is also a real movie that exists? Darkman is seriously one of the lamest “superheroes” they’ve ever made a movie about. If they made a Dazzler movie it would only slightly edge out the lameness of Darkman II: The Return of Durant.

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