Ernest Rides Again (1993)

Ernest Rides Again (1993)

Directed by: John R. Cherry III

Starring: Jim Varney, Ron James, Tom Butler

When did Ernest “ride” the first time? Was that when he stole Santa’s sleigh and drove it around the world several times? Was it when he drove that stupid fucking deathmobile in Ernest Goes to Camp? Maybe it was when he was crushed to death in a garbage truck in Ernest Scared Stupid, oh I hope that’s what it is because that would mean he dies again, please please please…

Dammit, it’s nothing like that. This time, Ernest is the annoying sidekick to a nerdy professor who has a theory that the Crown Jewels of England are hidden in a gigantic civil war cannon, which Ernest finds. In an effort to evade the bad guys who want to steal the Crown Jewels out of the cannon, Ernest and the professor ride it down the really long sloped hill out of town and it turns into a kinda It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World situation. With Ernest. And a civil war cannon.

The relationship between Ernest and the professor is the best Ernest ever gets. He’s this annoying and obnoxious mental case who has multiple personalities and everyone is annoyed by this. It’s almost a What About Bob? kinda thing, except Jim Varney is obviously no Bill Murray. Still, it is a much better place for him to be than as a hero to children and friend to all old people. That’s fucking retarded.


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