Silent Running (1972)

Silent Running (1972)

Directed by: Douglas Trumbull

Starring: Bruce Dern, Cliff Potts. Ron Rifkin

Here’s another fun MSTie fact for the day: Silent Running was what Joel Hodgeson based the concept for MST3K on. The visual similarities between the two are AMAZINGLY IN-DEPTH if you hadn’t seen this film before. It’s fucking crazy.

A small crew in a space fleet is ordered to eject their biospheres which have some of the only remaining Earth vegetation alive in. One man decides that he can’t allow such a thing to happen, so he kills his crewmates and tries to strand himself in space. He reprograms two small robots (played by two people without legs in awesome suits) to take care of the plants after he’s gone. He also uses the robots to help stave off cabin fever, and discovers that they’re much more intelligent and human than he initially gave them credit for.

This was a pretty good movie. My biggest complaint with it is basically that I wanted there to be more, and that can barely be used as a mark against the movie. I was really hoping there would be more growth between the human and the two robots, because that was really cool and interesting and sci-fi. Not that the rest of the movie wasn’t also TOTALLY sci-fi, because it very much was. The other thing that really stands out about this thing was the special effects, which were all really awesome and detailed models. That shit is always a welcome sight.


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