Cyberbully (2011)

Cyberbully (2011)

Directed by: Charles Binamé

Starring: Emily Osment, Kay Panabaker, Meaghan Rath

This movie is all about the dangers of someone calling you names on the internet. If that sounds like a good premise for a film to you, please never return to this site because you will just be shocked and angry.

The friendship of three teenage girls is threatened when one of them gets a… oh fuck, I don’t remember the fake Facebook they came up  with for it. Anyway, the main girl gets called names online and breaks down into tears, then finally tries to kill herself after someone posts a video of people in masks of her making sex jokes. Luckily, she can’t open the bottle of aspirin and fails to kill herself. The rest of the movie is the girl’s mom trying to get her local senator to put federal bans on internet interactions and to insult other parents for being bad for allowing bullying to happen.

Man, this girl gets her whole LIFE devastated by this video. I guess I don’t have a good perspective on this because nobody has ever put in that much effort to deliver a burn to me, but still…  damn. She has to go to this rehab thing and doesn’t go to school for months because she’s too fragile to do anything other than sleep and cry. What in the world.


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