Stolen Face (1952)

Stolen Face (1952)

Directed by: Terence Fisher

Starring: Paul Henreid, Lizabeth Scott, André Morell

So, a movie named Stolen Face. You would assume that would have something to do with a face that is stolen in some hopefully more-than-metaphorical way, and you’d really like the movie to actually be about that. WELL WHY DON’T YOU WISH IN ONE HAND AND WATCH STOLEN FACE IN THE OTHER AND SEE WHICH IS DISAPPOINTING FIRST?!?!

On a vacation, a plastic surgeon meets a concert pianist and they fall in love over the course of a week. Unfortunately, she leaves back to her fiancee and life after that, and the surgeon goes home depressed and weird. When it’s time to help his next patient (he fixes the face of women convicts because apparently the reason girls do crime is because they’re ugly), he turns her face into the face of the pianist, then marries the convict. However, it turns out that making someone look like a girl you like doesn’t change their personality, and the surgeon gets unhappy with his thief of a wife, and tries to get with the pianist when things don’t work out between her and her guy. Then the bad girl falls off a train and dies the end.

Never once in this entire movie does the fact that these two women have the same face drive forward any sort of drama or suspense, it’s basically just an excuse to get the same woman to play two roles. And she actually does a good job letting out the subtle differences between two characters who look exactly the same. That’s the worst part, this is a good premise and there are good performances in it, it just completely fails to cash in on any of those concepts. Nobody even cuts anyone’s dang ol’ face off, how disappointing is that?


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