Man With A Movie Camera (1929)

Man With A Movie Camera (1929)

Directed by: Dziga Vertov

Starring: Mikhail Kaufman

You know, it just goes to show that movies made just for the sake of being weird and pointless have been around since the invention of the medium. Which is great, go ahead, do whatever crazy crap you want. I just have no desire to watch someone’s vacation slides for an hour.

Man With A Movie Camera is 68 minutes of random footage around Russia. Sometimes there are effects done to the film, such as stop motion or it’s shown backwards, but the whole point is just that he has a camera so he can film any damn thing he  wants to.

I guess there’s probably some deeper meaning behind this that I didn’t get because I’m a heartless monster who hates fun, but… well, I’m fine with that.


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