Official Psycho Parody (2010)

Official Psycho Parody (2010)

Directed by: Gary Dean Orona

Starring: Sara Sloane, Ryan McLane, Kagney Lynn Karter

Look, I don’t care what your real name/porn pseudonym actually is, Gary Dean Orona, if you’re going to make a porn parody of Psycho it is COMPLETELY UNFORGIVABLE to not use a variation of “Alfred Hitchcock” as your name. Do I have to spell this shit out for you? Come on.

A woman steals money from her employer and goes to stay at a hotel run by a weird crossdressing guy who’s mother deranged him by telling him he would never be the fashion icon she was. He kills the woman and is subsequently investigated by a cop (who gets immediately distracted by a nearby whorehouse) and the sister of the victim and her fuckbuddy (who immediately figure out everything that’s going on).

Yep, sure is Psycho but with fuckin’. I think maybe the thing that surprised me most about it was that they didn’t really go all out with the shower sequence. I mean, it’s the most famous imagery from the original movie, and it’s already got boobs in it… Not that I’m trying to tell these porn people how to run their movies, it just seems like they wasted a layup there.


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