The Bridge (2006)

The Bridge (2006)

Directed by: Brett Hanover

Starring: Bill Baker, Joseph Baker, Kimberly Baker

Let’s talk about Scientology, I guess. Did you know that Scientology is a creepy cult designed to take money from people and then refuse to get them medical treatment? How did you not know that? Well, I guess if you wanted to find out again, you could watch The Bridge (which is one of 62 movies on IMDb called “The Bridge”, by the way).

The Bridge is a dramatization about a woman who’s in the Church of Scientology organization and about how it’s pretty brainwashy. There’s a subplot involving a woman dying under mysterious circumstances and how her estranged father is confused and upset by it, and none of this really gets through to our main character. There are also some excerpts from actual Scientology videos, which are about a hundred times more interesting than the rest of the film.

I guess if you really want someone to know your opinion of Scientology as a creepy cult and you think making someone watching a dull movie is the best way of getting that across, this is your movie. As far as standing by itself, though, it’s pretty obviously a student or amateur film as there are no real actors and the pacing is depressingly slow. I mainly gave this movie the second star because of the real Scientology material, which I thought was pretty neat. I was a little disappointed when there was a story in there instead of just showing that stuff, honestly.


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