Animal Treasure Island (1971)

Animal Treasure Island (1971)

Directed by: Hiroshi Ikeda

Starring: Minori Matsushima, Fusako Amachi, Asao Koike

This movie was… INSANE! I don’t even know what to say about this shit. Treasure Island is one of my “stories”. You know, how nerds get really crazy about certain things? Well, for me it’s Treasure Island and Arthurian legend. I know, I’m cool. The point is, Animal Treasure Island is so goddamn nutty I had to go take a nap afterwards because I just couldn’t deal with being awake in the same world as it.

So, you see “Treasure Island” in the title and think it’s like that, huh? NO! WRONG! Yes, it still has Jim Hawkins with a treasure map and there’s a pig with a hook hand named Long John Silver, but that’s where the similarities end. What’s it like that makes it so different, you ask? Well, there is the swedish walrus and the sidekick mouse and there’s no relationship between Hawkins and Silver and there’s a badass girl character who does everything and the treasure at the end is a big spaceship buried under the island, just to name a few.

Yep, crazy anime Treasure Island as only Japan could interpret it. Apparently Miyazaki worked on this movie as a lowly animator before he got his big break and started making great movies for kids of all ages. I’m not surprised this isn’t one he puts on his resume.


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