High Noon (1952)

High Noon (1952)

Directed by: Fred Zinnemann

Starring: Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell

Dammit, I hate watching good movies. I never have any idea what to write about them besides “this movie good. Me am like good movie it was good I like it.” That’s how I talk, by the way. I’m a Saturday Night Live character.

On the day of his wedding, the marshal of an old west town learns that Frank Miller (no, not THAT Frank Miller, dumbass), a criminal he sentenced to be hung, has been released from prison and is coming into town on the noon train. He tries to get help from the townsfolk, but nobody else is all that interested in facing the murderer and his posse.

I’m not usually into westerns, but I loved High Noon. It does a fantastic job of building up tension and it’s more about the inner thoughts of the characters than about guys shooting each other because of stupid old west reasons. You get a really good feel for every character in the film, why they do what they do, and they feel like real goddamn people. THAT’S HOW CHARACTERS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE. Why do I have to go back 60 years to find a movie like this? That’s fucking shameful.


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