Flesh Gordon (1974)

Flesh Gordon (1974)

Directed by: Michael Benveniste, Howard Ziehm

Starring: Jason Williams, Suzanne Fields, Joseph Hudgins

I’m always fascinated by all the different forms that humor can take. Sure, there’s the generic types everyone thinks about modernly, but there were other popular types of humor in the past that have basically died out, like the weird underground sex humor of the 70’s. It’s fucking weird, man, but nobody makes things like this anymore. Sure, they make comedies that are all about sex, but it’s not the same style of– you know what, fuck this, I’m not explaining anything to YOU.

A man named Flesh Gordon and some girl take Dr. Jerkoff’s penis-shaped rocketship to the planet Porno, which has been bombarding the Earth with a Sex Ray (it makes people have sex with each other, so they have to stop it). Turns out the guy responsible for the Sex Ray is Emperor Wang, who has unfairly taken over the planet from a Robin Hood-type guy. Flesh overcomes claymation monsters of all sorts and saves both planets from the evil Wang.

There’s actually some pretty damn good stop-motion in this movie, and readers of this site will know that I’m a sucker for that shit. My favorite part of the film by far was a giant statue thing that Wang brings to life in the end, who looks like a Harryhausen creation and who talks like a fine gentleman. Really, it’s impressive and surprising how good this movie looks in comparison to its juvenile subject matter. It’s not a huge stretch from Barbarella to Flesh Gordon, and that’s kinda cool.

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