Congratulations, It’s a Boy! (1971)

Congratulations, It’s a Boy! (1971)

Directed by: William A. Graham

Starring: Bill Bixby, Darrell Larson, Diane Barker

Did Bill Bixby ever do anything that wasn’t a TV series or TV movie? I’m not going to go read every single entry of his 73 IMDb actor credits, but it looks like he was firmly in the realm of television for his entire career. That’s kinda strange for a guy who was in, what, three really popular series?

Bixby is a swinger (who is even dressed like one of the Wild and Crazy Guys) who’s surprised when his teenage son that he never knew existed shows up at his door. He tries to maintain his wild swinger lifestyle while keeping his new son a secret, but instead he ends up being too immature for his teen son’s taste, and they have a falling out. Bixby eventually grows up and decides to be his own man, and a father to his son.

Surprisingly enough, this movie was kind of good. Bixby gave a good performance, and his character’s arc was believable and even a little touching. There are also a couple legitimately funny moments in the first half of the film where it was some stupid Three’s Company thing going on. So yeah, not a bad movie, but not really anything remarkable.


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