Deadly Drifter (1982)

Deadly Drifter (1982)

Directed by: Eli Hollander

Starring: Peter Coyote, O-Lan Jones, Jim Haynie

This is the most inappropriate DVD cover in the history of mankind. If someone did a DVD cover of Godzilla with a picture of a happy puppy riding a bicycle on it, that would still be more applicable than this. Also, the synopsis on IMDb is completely wrong, as is the tagline on this cover. Those lucky bastards obviously only watched the first ten minutes or so of the movie, so I’m gonna set the record straight. This movie is far too bad to be written off as some unknown movie about explosions.

The film is split up in some sort of Tarantino-esque style where there are ten separate sections, in which there are sometimes recurring themes and actors, but the characters those actors portray may or may not be the same as they were in previous sections. The general gist of the movie is one guy who’s developing a “third eye” and is receiving psychic communications from the most annoying man in the world. He’s also communicating with several other people, mostly through messages in alphabet soup, and in the end they all get together at the beach for a cookout. There’s also a really long bit with a stoner Native American.

This movie could be described as “artsy”, but that’s uncomfortably close to saying there’s anything even close to art in Deadly Drifter. It’s a piece of philosophically self-fellating trash obviously performed by a group of dayplayers who probably did it for a hot meal. The only reason I can think of for this movie to even exist is to embarrass and shame everyone involved in making it, possibly especially Danny Glover, if only because he somehow managed to get a real acting career afterwards.

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2 responses to “Deadly Drifter (1982)

  • Wednesday's Child

    “If someone did a DVD cover of Godzilla with a picture of a happy puppy riding a bicycle on it, that would still be more applicable than this.”
    That’s pretty funny, and also, good Lord, where do you find these awful movies!? I hear a lot of people bragging about putting up reviews of obscurities but I think you’ve actually done it; I have never heard of any of the movies you posted about today!

  • Reid

    You know those packages of 50 movies for ten bucks on DVD they sell at Best Buy? These are all from one of those. They were likely bought by the company that makes the DVD for bargain bin prices because nobody wanted to see them in the first place, delivered straight into my idiotic spendthrift hands.

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