Coach of the Year (1980)

Coach of the Year (1980)

Directed by: Don Medford

Starring: Robert Conrad, Erin Gray, Red West

I realized that I still had a bunch of DVDs from one of those 50 movies for ten bucks things, so bunker down for a bunch of TV movies from the 70’s that are vaguely related to the military. I have no idea why that’s the theme of this bunch, but apparently it is.

A football player goes to ‘Nam and comes back in a wheelchair. Though he believes he has the chops to be a coach, the Chicago Bears deny him because they don’t want their players to think that they may be injured one day. Huh. Instead, he ends up coaching the team at the prison the guy’s live-in girlfriend’s son is sentenced to. He thinks that football will help the convicts not grow up to a life of crime, and trains them for a game against the local high school.

A sports movie, you say? And it’s exactly the same as every other sports movie? Well, whatddya know, it sure is! Why, it’s almost like I could’ve never seen this movie and would’ve known exactly as much about it as I do now! Don’t that beat all.


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