The Borrowers (1973)

The Borrowers (1973)

Directed by: Walter C. Miller

Starring: Eddie Albert, Tammy Grimes, Judith Anderson

Maybe I’ve always been a bitter old man at heart (wait, why did I put a “maybe” in there), but I’ve never thought that the story of The Borrowers was all that charming. They’re tiny people who live in your floorboards and steal things, what’s so whimsical about that? Runaway Ralph would kick those guys’ asses.

The plot is that… there are these tiny people who live in the floorboards of an old house, and they steal things. One day a little boy comes to live with his horrible great-aunt and he discovers the “borrowers”, and because of this he basically ruins their life. I guess they all live happily ever after at the end of it, but whatever, in my eyes this is a tale of a child ruining the happy life of a differently-abled family. Of thieves.

If you think I’m being too harsh on a classic children’s tale, then perhaps I should remind you of my motto: Everything is Terrible Forever.


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