Man-Thing (2005)

Man-Thing (2005)

Directed by: Brett Leonard

Starring: Jack Thompson, Matthew Le Nevez, Steve Bastoni

Time for another five movie challenge! Today, it’s “lesser-known superhero movies,” which really plays to my interests. So much so, that I had actually already seen three of these before today, and I’ve been wanting to watch this Man-Thing movie ever since I found out about it.

Ever since that greedy oil tycoon moved into the area and started polluting and killing people, folks say it ain’t safe to go out into the bayou no more. The new sheriff in town (what cuz’ th’ old one done got et) don’t reckon there ain’t nothin’ to it but hokey native superstition. ‘Course, once he sees a big ol’ monster made outta swamp gunk that kills people, that sets him right on track.

This movie really has nothing to do with the Marvel comics character of the same name. They just took the name and vague appearance, then shoehorned it into an average SyFy channel horror movie, and that’s really too bad. Man-Thing is neat. Ah well.

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