Running Scared (1981)

Running Scared (1981)

Directed by: Paul Glicker

Starring: Ken Wahl, Judge Reinhold, Annie McEnroe

Sometimes I really can’t wait to write a review of a movie because every time I see it’s name on my little list of movies I still need to review, a song gets stuck in my head. This happens a worrying amount, and I wish I was even joking. For this movie, I keep thinking of the Iron Maiden song Running Free, except with… well, you can probably guess.

Two soldiers come back from the war and find themselves chased by an evil latino John Saxon because Judge Reinhold took pictures of a secret airbase and now they think they’re commie spies or something. They run across the bayou from people trying to kill them for honestly no reason and I guess they meet a girl or something. Eventually everyone realizes it was a big mistake and they all have a big laugh about it.

The only thing that really stands out about this movie for me is Judge Reinhold as the biggest asshole I’ve possibly ever seen in a movie. His character is almost cartoonish in how much of a dick the guy is, and then you add in the fact that he’s incredibly stupid… he’s maybe the easiest to hate character in a film ever (not counting Ernest in any of those Ernest movies).


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