Johnny & Clyde (1995)

Johnny & Clyde (1995)

Directed by: William Bindley

Starring: Michael Rooker, John White, Sam Malkin

Have you ever noticed that sometimes IMDb has credits for animal “actors” and sometimes they don’t? It probably mostly depends on if they do more than one movie, I guess. And… you probably haven’t noticed that, because I spend way more time on IMDb and watching movies where animals are main characters than most people. I withdraw my hypothetical question.

Johnny & Clyde is the touching story about a criminal dog and the child of the worst police officer in the world who hates the dog and how they eventually become best friends forever (usually acronymized as “BeFrFo”). The kid keeps getting in trouble because the dog just wants to be friends, but he only knows about actual companionship from movies and TV, so he does a bunch of sitcom stuff. The two end up across town and have to journey back home before the kid’s parents get home, and through this wacky misadventure they learn to love.

Okay, yes, it’s kinda cute that the dog just wants to have a Lassie-style relationship with a boy, but that only goes so far. It goes basically not very far at all. I don’t want to do an in-depth review of any more movies about a boy and his dog, okay? Is that SO MUCH to ask??


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