Rasputin: Orgien am Zarenhof (1984)

Rasputin: Orgien am Zarenhof (1984)

Directed by: Ernst Hofbauer

Starring: Alexander Conte, Uschi Karnat, Marion Berger

I got my VCR working after months of being in disrepair, so I was finally able to watch a bunch of weird bootleg VHS tapes I had gotten from a friend of a friend. One of which was labeled “Rasputin XXX” and had this movie on it. I’m so glad I fixed that thing…

Rasputin, the… Russian evil wizard guy. You know who Rasputin is. Anyway, he goes from being a torturer to a personal advisor to a contessa, to eventually advisor to the czar himself. In between massive orgies, Rasputin has time to be almost killed several times, but nothing seems to kill him. Did I mention the orgies? That’s most of the film.

And I mean ORGIES. Like eighty people in a room at various states of going at it, sometimes for entire hours of the film at a time. Which is especially strange, as the first half hour of this movie is pretty brutal, what with all the torture (and not the sexy kind of torture, either). It kinda reminded me of Caligula for a while, at least until it devolved into nothing but sex. Dirty, 80’s porn sex. Eugh.


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