A Pig’s Tale (1996)

A Pig’s Tale (1996)

Directed by: Paul Tassie

Starring: Joe Flaherty, Sean Babb, Mike Damus

I call seriously false advertising on this movie. If you’re going to call your movie A Pig’s Tale and put a picture of a pig on the cover, then it better damn well have ANYTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH PIGS, or at least have one in the entire film. I APPARENTLY WANTED TO SEE A MOVIE ABOUT PIGS, OKAY?!

A group of kids go to summer camp and get stuck in the unpopular kid cabin (because they are unpopular for various reasons, each kid getting exactly one character trait), Pig Cabin. Their stoner camp councilor shows them the wonders of acting like pigs, then they experience fun and intrigue and romance. Fucking camp movies.

So, every movie about summer camp has to be an exact copy of Meatballs (not counting the kinds of camp movies that are exactly like Friday the 13th, that is)? And Meatballs itself is really just Animal House at camp, and all college movies are copies of Animal House anyway. Basically what I’m getting at is that every single movie ever is based on Animal House. Why.


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