Vanishing of the Bees (2009)

Vanishing of the Bees (2009)

Directed by: George Langworthy, Maryam Henein

Starring: Ellen Page, Emilia Fox, David Hackenberg

I never thought I’d be able to get angry at a documentary about bees, but that’s exactly what happened when I watched this yesterday. I just have really high standards for how documentaries should be constructed, I guess, and I’m not really sure how that developed.

Vanishing of the Bees is about Colony Collapse Disorder, a condition they’ve been finding more and more often in corporate American and European bee colonies over the last couple years. This is an issue because bees are mainly used to pollinate crops like fruit trees, not just for making honey. The thing is, nobody knows what’s causing CCD, or really even what it is that’s actually happening. This film claims that it’s all the fault of pesticides, despite giving no evidence besides the fact that they don’t really like pesticides, so it must be their fault.

I’m not on the side of the pesticide companies or Big Honey or whatever, I just hate when a documentary draws conclusions from out of their ass. The basic fact is that nobody even really knows what’s happening, they just see that bees have disappeared and they don’t know why. If you don’t even really know the problem, how can you possibly be as sure as this film is about the cause? Also, half the people they interview obviously only mentioned bees so they could get in the movie and promote their “holistic” concepts for saving the environment, which is more or less completely off-topic. There’s a lady in here who says that bees are proof of a feminine “goddess”, for fuck’s sake. I just wanted to learn about a crazy natural mystery, but I guess they wanted to rush out this movie while it was still on people’s minds and didn’t want to be hampered with FACTS. Also Ellen Page is a terrible narrator. This is a bad documentary.

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