Night Stalker (2002)

Night Stalker (2002)

Directed by: Chris Fisher

Starring: Bret Roberts, Joseph McKelheer, Roxanne Day

This movie claims to be based on the actual serial killings of Richard Ramirez, which is basically just a bold-faced lie. I’m no expert on serial killers (well, not THAT serial killer), but even a cursory look at his file (file means Wikipedia page, obviously), it’s plain to see that the only thing he has in common with the character in this movie is that they both killed people.

A wienery little guy who’s always eating a popsicle wanders around LA internally monologuing about hating women ever since his uncle shot his wife in front of the kid. This, of course, leads him to fall in love with a goth chick who introduces him to the wide world of cocaine use and satan worship. This causes him to shoot a bunch of couples who are arguing for various reasons, and after a year of constant murders, the police finally start to take notice. They immediately catch and shoot him after they learn that he’s been serial killing, though, so I guess it kinda works out.

The first half of this movie has the main character droning on in narration so they don’t have to rely on the fact that clearly none of these people are actors. Once the killings start, the narration is replaced by a guy constantly whispering vaguely latin phrases like “necronomicon” and “post-mortem” in the background. That right there is enough to make this a terrible movie. Also, I know it’s kind of a running joke that filmmakers, and especially horror filmmakers, have problems with women, but this movie really did make me feel like the writer/director was projecting his personal issues instead of creating a misogynist character. That’s a terrible impression for a movie to leave.


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