01:26:54 (2007)

01:26:54 (2007)

This Greek short film was produced in an “anti-authoritarian” method, which I guess means that they didn’t want to name any of the cast or crew or distribute the film in any way other than a torrent. I guess I could email them about it, but I figure if they were going to say who made this thing, they would’ve done it in the film itself. Also, I just don’t really care that much.

A film student argues with his friends that Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will wasn’t the perfect, brilliant movie that everyone seems to think it is. As he endlessly pores through the film looking for even the slightest technical mistake, he starts getting paranoid, thinking that everyone is out to get him, and he starts seeing elements from the Nazi propaganda film in his real life. Finally he finds the mistake he’s looking for: a Nazi soldier marching in a line is off cadence with the rest of the soldiers.

Maybe I just didn’t really “get” this movie. I’m not a film student, so I’ve never had in-depth conversations about Nazi propaganda (oh, who am I kidding, yes I have), but I don’t understand how this guy proving that there are minor technical problems with the film is going to convince anyone that either Riefenstahl was a Nazi monster or a terrible filmmaker, which are both points the main character swings back and forth between. Also, pointing out something like that in a cheap student film full of much bigger technical problems feels like the tiniest pot feebly calling the biggest kettle black. And I haven’t even mentioned the goofy paranoid delusions the main character starts having… Eh, I’m done with this. Don’t watch it, if you by some miracle come across it and want to see it. Which will never happen anyway.


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