Cherry 2000 (1987)

Cherry 2000 (1987)

Directed by: Steve De Jarnatt

Starring: Melanie Griffith, David Andrews, Pamela Gidley

This is the only one of these five “2000” movies where the 2000 doesn’t refer to the year it was made (or the year close to the year it was made), as it’s instead just the name of the main character’s sex robot. More movies should be named after sex robots.

Yes, the main character has a sex robot named Cherry 2000, who is apparently one of the better models of sex robot they have in the future. When his breaks during sex while covered by dishwashing water, he has to hire a “tracker” to take him into the post-apocalyptic landscape that apparently the world has outside of the big cities to find another one. Predictably, he ends up falling in love with the real woman he hires during the journey, and everybody’s happy.

This is a pretty decent 80’s post-apocalyptic movie. It sticks really closely to the formula and there aren’t really any surprises, but the characters are well-developed and you’re actually rooting for the good guys. That may seem like something that should always happen, but especially in a genre that a lot of movies are made in just because it’s cheap, it’s the exception, not the rule.


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