Hercules: A Sex Adventure (1997)

Hercules: A Sex Adventure (1997)

Directed by: Joe D’Amato

Starring: Kelly Trump, Hakan Serbes, Mike Foster

Man, do I know how to class up a movie review site or do I? I do like how this movie is Italian and dubbed poorly into English, making it seem much more like the Steve Reeves Hercules movies from the 60’s. What is it with Italy and Hercules, anyway? There are like a million of those things.

Hercules wants to win the love of a girl he likes, but Hera doesn’t want him to for some reason. After having sex with like forty other women, Hercules finally meets up with his dream girl, but she’s got a curse on her that makes her not really all that into Herc. He journeys with Samson (who is from a whole other mythology! C’mon, porn guys, sheesh) to find some golden apples which will cure the curse because anyone who eats them gains an insatiable lust. In the end, everybody’s happy, and by happy, I mean having sex.

This is actually kind of a real Hercules style adventure, except that all the sex doesn’t leave a lot of time for him to do anything else. Not that I’m actually complaining that this porno places most of its emphasis on sex or anything, I’ve pretty much come to terms with that by now.


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