Equilibrium (2002)

Equilibrium (2002)

Directed by: Kurt Wimmer

Starring: Christian Bale, Sean Bean, Emily Watson

Ah, Equilibrium. The high concept idea of “what if Fahrenheit 451 had Matrix-style gunfights? Also, Fahrenheit 451 is a little too subtle for modern audiences, so let’s make sure people are constantly saying what it is that they’re feeling and planning.” I didn’t like this movie is what I”m saying.

Christian Bale is a future evil cop who’s responsible for destroying everything that doesn’t come from Ikea, because in the future everybody takes a drug that makes them emotionless, and apparently books and fancy mirror frames are the gateway drug to not taking the drug. Speaking of not taking the drug, Bale decides to stop taking it one day, then eventually hooks up with the resistance and gets used as a tool to kill Big Brother. I mean, “Father”, who is not like Big Brother in any way.

You know, if there’s a drug you inject into your neck five times a day to keep you calm, you’d think there’d be some sort of… I dunno… drug test to see if you’ve been taking it. Seems like that would be really easy, actually. It also seems like you’d make your emotion cops have to do one of those like, I dunno, every other week? If you’re being especially trusting? Or at the very least, use it on the people you’re arresting for having emotions instead of doing a generic police interrogation on them. Also the people who don’t have emotions sure do get angry or smug or excitable a lot. I could go on and on about all the stupid shit in this movie, but I’ve got reviews of better movies to do.

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