Monster Mutt (2011)

Monster Mutt (2011)

Directed by: Todd Tucker

Starring: Rhiannon Leigh Wryn, Bart Johnson, Billy Unger

A couple weeks ago I got drunk and apparently really wanted a dog, so I downloaded like a hundred movies about dogs and followed everyone on twitter with the word “dogs” in their name and bought two dozen hot dogs. It’s just one of the hazards that comes with being eccentric, I guess.

A scientist accidentally creates a drug that turns animals and people into monsters, so his boss (the brother from Titus, which is how I’ll always remember him) kidnaps a wandering dog to use it on… for no real reason. The dog becomes a “Monster Mutt”, if you will, and the two children who own it try to save it from the bad man who wants to capture it and reverse engineer the same formula and antidote they already have out of it. Again, for no reason.

This is a really standard kid’s adventure type movie, but I gotta give them props for actually using real props, that is, making the monster dog a guy in an animatronic dog suit instead of CGI. It’s weird that even that minor thing is something worth remarking about in this day and age, but there you go.


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