The Brass Bottle (1964)

The Brass Bottle (1964)

Directed by: Harry Keller

Starring: Tony Randall, Burl Ives, Barbara Eden

Time for another of my movie “challenges”! Are you excited? ARE YOU?! Well, don’t sweat it, there’s nothing as crazy as the last one with all the Cannibal Holocausts and Human Centipedes and what have you, today I’ve got five movies from the 60’s starring Burl Ives! You know, the guy who was the voice for the snowman in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? He’s a genie in this movie. Yep.

A mild-mannered architect finds a brass bottle which contains a stereotypical genie in it. The genie repeatedly tries to help out the square, but everything he does seems to just get him in wacky situations that make everything worse. In the end, the genie decides to reverse everything that’s happened for the whole movie and erase everyone’s memory and just pretend to be a normal business guy and help the architect out that way. Aww, how sweet.

This is a really generic 60’s family comedy, like That Darn Cat. I don’t know why That Darn Cat is always my go-to for this type of movie, but whenever I realize I’m watching something like this I spend the rest of them film sarcastically saying “THAT DARRRN CAAATTT!!!” as every punchline. I’m pretty sure they never even did that in That Darn Cat. It just feels right.


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