The Level (2008)

The Level (2008)

Directed by: Jeff Crook, Josh Crook

Starring: Paris Campbell, Robert Haley, Adam Kidd

So the filmmakers were named Jeff Crook and Josh Crook, huh? Those a pretty fitting names. Not because it’s a crime movie and they’re the Crook brothers, but because it features black guys saying lines that some white guy named Josh could’ve come up with.

A pair of mob enforcers try to find out who killed their mob boss, and they investigate several different candidates, like the boss’ son and his prostitute girlfriend, and… uh… Well, it turns out that they both did it, but they get fooled into thinking that neither of them did it, oh but the whole movie is told from the point of view of the main character and I guess he ACTUALLY did it and the whole movie was a lie. Yawn.

So, these Crook guys sat down and played Grand Theft Auto for a couple hours and thought, “hey, we know everything about the mob now! Let’s make a movie for five dollars about it!” I’m not saying that I’m some mafia insider or anything, but I’ve at least seen the movies that the GTA guys based their stuff off of, and The Level comes across as a product of that “copy of a copy” phenomenon. Nothing but really boring, one-dimensional characters that produce no surprises whatsoever in any of the several “tense” scenes the movie was obviously trying to capitalize on. Feel free to miss the hell out of this one.

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