Wall Street (1987)

Wall Street (1987)

Directed by: Oliver Stone

Starring: Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Tamara Tunie

This is a classic movie because it… uh… exemplifies attitudes towards business in the 80’s? I guess? I don’t fucking know, I’m not a goddamn movie historian, I just like watching the fucking things.

Charlie Sheen wants to be successful in The Market so he apprentices under a very successful businessman, Gordo Gekko (Douglas). Gekko encourages insider trading and other shady practices, and Sheen becomes rich but an asshole because of it. He eventually learns that being evil is a bad thing and goes back on his deal, and Gekko gets arrested for being a bad man who is bad and mean.

This movie is boring as shit. I guess if you’re really interested in stock trading for some ungodly reason, this could be an interesting movie, but if you’re just a normal blue-collar joe like me WHO IS OBVIOUSLY BETTER IN EVERY WAY, there just isn’t a whole lot to this movie that can keep your attention. The moral quandary is obvious and uncomplicated, and while Douglas’ performance is great, it doesn’t make up for what is generally an obvious and fairy tale-esque plot. If you don’t know off the top of your head the difference between good and evil, this might be a good movie for you. Otherwise, I can’t see a whole lot of merit to it.


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