The Sweatbox (2002)

The Sweatbox (2002)

Directed by: Trudie Styler

Starring: Sting, Marc Shaiman, Eartha Kitt

So, there’s a little history behind this one. The Sweatbox is the name of a documentary made by Sting’s wife about the development of the Disney film that would eventually become The Emperor’s New Groove. It kinda casts Disney in a bad light, so The Mouse has never released it on home video. My film nerd friend found that someone had leaked it on YouTube the other day, so I watched it hoping for some juicy anti-Disney stuff.

Originally called Kingdom of the Sun, this Disney film went through a lot of work to get it to a state where the bigwigs liked it. Originally, it was more of a Prince and the Pauper sorta thing, and Sting wrote half a dozen songs for it. The executives thought it was boring, muddled, and too complicated for a child audience, and demanded major changes. We get to see the seeping depression in the artists working on the film, and we especially focus on Sting struggling to work with a much more demanding system than he’s used to.

This is a pretty interesting documentary if you’re interested in how the filmmaking creative process goes, and it’s almost twice as interesting to see that even a gigantic corporation like Disney can make exactly the same stupid mistakes that anyone else can. I mean, you’d think after like, a hundred years of doing this shit, they’d have it figured out a little better by now. Also, if you’re interested in checking this movie out, unfortunately it’s already been taken down from YouTube. Maybe if you’re really diligent, you’ll catch this Brigadoonian documentary in the future. Maybe you should invest in making some film nerd friends, those are always good.


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