Black Snake Moan (2006)

Black Snake Moan (2006)

Directed by: Craig Brewer

Starring: Samuel L. Jackson, Christina Ricci, Justin Timberlake

So obviously a big drawing point of this movie is that Christina Ricci spends a lot of time half-naked (or more), but I can just never think of her as anything but Wednesday Addams, and that’s just horrible. To me. I mostly wanted to watch this movie because it has Sam Jackson as a cranky old man, and those are two of my favorite things.

Ricci plays a slut who’ll sleep with anybody in the small southern town she lives in, but unfortunately sometimes this means that she’ll get almost raped while on drugs, beaten within an inch of her life, and left for dead on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Recently divorced farmer Sam Jackson finds her, tends to her wounds, and chains her to a radiator because she has fever dreams at night where she runs all over the damn place and he’s tired of chasing her. Once she recovers, however, he decides that he’s going to do The Lord’s Work and make her less of a horrible person. This kinda works, until her boyfriend (Timberlake) comes back from the army and Jackson has to work out their relationship problems. It all ends on the note that they’re still really fucked up people, but at least they’re working at it, which was actually kinda nice.

My biggest problem with this movie was that it ended about a half hour before it was over. Once Ricci’s character more or less “reforms”, there just isn’t a lot left to do. They’ve got the stuff with Timberlake coming back and being wacky, but they don’t do a lot with that anyway. I dunno, it’s not really a big deal. Black Snake Moan was okay.


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