The Beaver (2011)

The Beaver (2011)

Directed by: Jodie Foster

Starring: Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin

This porn parody of Leave it to Beaver is about… wait wait, I’m getting confused. The Beaver is a dramatic film about how Mel Gibson is completely ball-punching insane, and it was apparently directed by Jodie Foster. That’s pretty surprising.

Gibson is having trouble with his family life and as the CEO of a toy company, which culminates when he’s thrown out of his home by his wife. He finds an old beaver hand puppet and begins communicating through it, which his therapist approves of as a method for treating his crushing depression. His life actually does improve quite a bit, once everyone gets over how weird it is talking to an Australian beaver puppet. However, after his life is back on the right track, he finds he still can’t escape the beaver…

I actually quite liked this one. You get a really good feel for Gibson’s character being super nuts (yeah, I know, he may not have been acting at all, you and everyone else in the world made that joke). I also really like the ending, where it shows that this “unusual therapy” really only postponed the insanity and transferred it somewhere else… there’s actually a bit of a horror vibe in there. I’d recommend it if you like movies about good ol’ fashioned down-home crazy people.


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