The Muppets (2011)

The Muppets (2011)

Directed by: James Bobin

Starring: Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Steve Whitmire

I wasn’t expecting much out of another post-Jim Henson muppet movie (like they all seem to be these days. Weird), but they did a good job with The Muppets. It’s an interesting example of this past-fetishism and the modern remake cult in Hollywood actually coming out with something that seems heartfelt and real, and not just cashing in on the childhoods of obese neckbeards. Also it was funny.

Two brothers (one a man, the other a muppet) visit the Muppet Studios in LA only to find that it’s decrepit and abandoned, and even worse, about to be bought out by an evil guy so he can drill for oil under the building! Oil… under a building… in LA. Huh. Anyway, they have to get the band back together to put on an old-school Muppet-style telethon to raise enough money to buy back the studio, and it doesn’t really work but I think they just killed the bad guy in the end, so it doesn’t matter.

I gotta say, the nicest part of this muppet movie (as opposed to every other muppet movie made since, what, 1994?) is that Gonzo is not the main character. I think the only reason they did that for the longest time was because Dave Goelz was the only original cast member still doing a major character, and they didn’t really care that Gonzo is basically a one-joke comic relief guy. That being said, they actually did a really good job at matching a bunch of the voices in this film. Unlike other recent muppet efforts, I never got the feeling that any of these muppets had the “wrong” voice, and that was maybe the best part of the whole thing. Overall, it’s very saccharin-sweet and there are way too many musical numbers for my taste, but it was really nice to see that someone still “gets” that cheesy 70’s humor that Henson cultivated.


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