Bridesmaids (2011)

Bridesmaids (2011)

Directed by: Paul Feig

Starring: Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne

This was actually a pretty funny movie. And I would’ve never seen it in a million years had I not spontaneously decided to care about the Oscars this year… so maybe this is a good thing that I’m doing. Weird that these movies nominated for awards aren’t really bad… hm… Why is that… I’ll figure it out. Give me a couple weeks.

A woman is the maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding, but she has issues with another bridesmaid and they get into all kinds of wacky hijinks, etc etc.

No, really, this was a funny movie. Kristin Wiig (who was also good in Paul) nearly makes me want to reconsider my supposition that it’s impossible for there to be a truly funny female comedienne. Also, as the romantic lead, Chris O’Dowd (the Irish guy from The IT Crowd) is pretty damn good, I hope he gets more American film work. There are some really super uncomfortable sequences that are the perfect combination of horrifying and hilarious, the characters are mostly pretty crisp and well-developed… yeah, not bad at all. If I was a woman, I’m sure I’d be able to identify with more of the situations, and the film completely loses it’s momentum in the third act (just like every romantic comedy ever (and also every Judd Apatow film, who produced Bridesmaids)), but definitely a worthwhile film to see. Guys, see if you can somehow trick your lady into making you watch this with her. I mean, we’re men after all, we’re not allowed to like things with the color pink in them unless we’re forced into it by a woman. Otherwise, society just falls apart.


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