Tamara (2005)

Tamara (2005)

Directed by: Jeremy Haft

Starring: Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Katie Stuart, Chad Faust

Not that bad of a horror movie. It followed a lot of the generic horror movie cliches, yes, but underneath those crowd-pleasing ideals, you can definitely tell that there was a person who wanted to push at social morays. A little bit. Unfortunately, only a little bit.

The movie is about a high school girl who is killed in an accident, but comes back to life because she is into witchcraft and did some spell out of the back of that book from The Craft. She kills and/or tortures the people who killed her in ironic ways until she’s finally taken down in a boring, predictable climax.

Okay, this movie ended up being mostly obvious. Still. You can actually tell that there are some slasher movie ideas in here which are a little… uncomfortable. And that’s where horror movies shine! As one revenge thing, the devil girl makes two rapist bro dudes fuck each other, as another, she makes an anorexic girl puke up blood. But we never deal with those guys again, and she changes her mind about the girl almost immediately. Horror movies are supposed to push the boundaries of what people find comfortable. That is literally the only reason for them. If Tamara had gone that extra mile and not tried to compromise it’s disgusting ideals for something more widely acceptable, it would’ve been much more effective. Seriously, even if there was a very obvious story arc to the thing, what sells these types of films is that factor of uncertainty, of not really being sure if you’re okay with this. It really wouldn’t have been hard at all to just push this a little more into a… well, not quite Human Centipede-level of film, but more in that arena than it was. To Jeffrey Reddick, writer of this film and inspiration for those Vin Diesel movies, stop being a pussy. And thanks for making the Final Destination series not completely worthless (if extremely predictable). This is easily a better-crafted story than any of those movies, and you were so close. DON’T BE A PUSSY.


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