Hot Rackets (1980)

Hot Rackets (1980)

Directed by: Gary Graver

Starring: Jon Martin, Mike Ranger, Rhonda Jo Petty

“It Takes Balls to Play Singles or Doubles”, eh? Why… why even include “singles” in that tagline? Isn’t this a tennis-themed porn movie? It just confuses the whole thing, and it isn’t even relevant… My god, I need to stop overanalyzing EVERYTHING before I just go crazy and start writing mean online reviews of dogs I see on the street.

There isn’t a story to Hot Rackets. Not at all. It’s just people playing tennis at varying states of undress, and sometimes they fuck. It is hilarious, however. There was just something great about this era of porn. I dunno. It’s not sexy, but it’s extremely entertaining nonetheless. I can’t really explain it.

I wonder what gave them the inspiration to make this movie. I guess that tennis was an emerging fad in the late 70’s, so you might as well cache in on it in the strangest way imaginable? Look, I never said that I had any insight into the minds of pornographers. Not while I was sober, anyway.


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