Mulan II (2004)

Mulan II (2004)

Directed by: Darrell Rooney, Lynne Southerland

Starring: Ming-Na, BD Wong, Mark Moseley

Well, they didn’t get Eddie Murphy to come back for the sequel (what a shame!), but they did keep Harvey Fierstein, Pat Morita, and George Takei! And really, who needs an Eddie Murphy when you have George Takei?

The empire needs to make peace with a neighboring country, so the emperor asks his best general, his fiancee, and his three comic relief sidekicks to escort his three daughters to the other country so they can get married and create a bond between both countries. Mulan realizes that arranged marriages are wrong, and the three daughters fall in love with the comic relief characters anyway, and in the end they all decide to marry each other instead. I assume that right after this movie ends, a war starts.

I guess the main story is actually that the annoying dragon is trying to keep the main characters from getting married by making them fight, but anybody who’s not an idiot knows how that shit’s going to turn out. I’m much more concerned with the way all the characters casually shrug off their important mission for the sake of 20th century values. Shit, Mulan II almost made me go off on a rant about the ease of living. I hate you, Disney.


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