Another World

Another World

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any information about this movie, and I deleted it before I knew there wasn’t going to be anything, so I’ve got nothing. I know it’s a French-Canadian film from the late 80’s or 90’s, and that most of the movie is in French. If anyone has any leads on information about this film, I’d be more than happy to hear about it. I’m assuming it’s just around under a different title than the one I saw it under. Anyway.

A black girl in Canada gets accepted into the foreign exchange program at school and goes to live with a French farm family for the summer. There she comes of age and learns about being a woman and her African roots and she fixes the abusive marriage of her host parents by making the guy remember how to play the saxophone.

This is a fucking retarded movie. It’s cliche and trite and there’s just nothing interesting about it at all. Still, I feel bad about not being able to provide any information about it, so again, let me know if you have any leads, internet detectives!


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