Rock & Rule (1983)

Rock & Rule (1983)

Directed by: Clive A. Smith

Starring: Paul Le Mat, Susan Roman, Don Francks

Hm. This movie looks like it was done in Don Bluth’s style, but I don’t seem to see his name anywhere, just a bunch of Canadians. And it looks like this Clive A. Smith guy was the animation director for… oh god… The Star Wars Holiday Special. Oh… oh no…

An aging rock star (singing voice by Lou Reed) kidnaps a female vocalist because he plans to use her voice to summon the devil or something. He succeeds, but a milquetoast guitarist saves the day with the power of his rock. If this sounds metal in even the least, let me assure you that it really isn’t.

Rock & Rule is one part Heavy Metal, one part Fievel Goes West, and three parts bad 80’s rock. The animation isn’t terrible, though it relies a little too much on rotoscoping, and it borrows enough from Heavy Metal’s style to make it seem a little more like stealing. Really what makes this a dumb movie is the generic cast going through a poorly-developed story. It’s not even necessarily a bad story, it’s a very simple premise, the pacing is just garbage because they spend more time trying to wedge in Cheap Trick and Blondie songs than in developing characters or doing anything interesting. Heavy Metal is a significantly better film, and it’s… man, that’s not a good movie either.


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