In Search of Steve Ditko (2007)

In Search of Steve Ditko (2007)

Directed by: Peter Boyd Maclean

Starring: Jonathan Ross, Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore

This is a TV special and therefore has no poster or anything, but I don’t even care, I want to mention it. Plus, that’s a pretty awesome picture anyway, right?

Steve Ditko was a comic book artist who drew Spider-Man and Dr. Strange for Marvel in the 60’s, then mysteriously quit one day just as his creations were becoming more and more popular. Since then, he’s worked on some lesser-acclaimed comics for Charleston and DC, but has kept completely to himself, refusing interviews and has refused residuals from his most popular works. But… why? Jonathan Ross aims to find out, and he eventually has a private, off-camera talk with Ditko by confronting him in his office… but after this talk, he doesn’t want to share any information he got out of respect to the artist. Fucker.

Really, everything except for the ending in this documentary is pretty interesting. I mean, all I knew about Ditko was his work for Marvel and that he was an intensely personal guy. It’s kinda bullshit to make a film with a specific question in mind, then find the answer to that question and not put it in the damn film. Yeah yeah, respect for the artist, blah blah blah. If you fucking respected the artist you wouldn’t have cornered him in his office and demanded an interview in the first place, asshole.

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