Old Dogs (2009)

Old Dogs (2009)

Directed by: Walt Becker

Starring: Robin Williams, John Travolta, Seth Green

Old Dogs is not to be confused with another recent John Travolta movie Wild Hogs, although both titles refer to animals and a common phrase and both are about midlife crises with groups of 40-something successful men. My friend and I honestly didn’t realize that this wasn’t Wild Hogs until like, ten minutes in and we remembered Robin Williams was not Tim Allen. That’s fucking sad.

Two old business partners are in the middle of the biggest deal of their life… but, uh-oh! Looks like Robin Williams had some kids he never knew about, and now he’ll have to learn to live and love again, along with the whacky help of his nutty friend, John Travolta! Heh, I could write copy for these things pretty well. So long as I was okay with a job where I wanted to kill myself every day.

This movie is predictable, completely awful, and soul-wrenchingly unfunny. I want to go back in time and murder Walt Disney when he was a baby, just so nobody else would ever have to see this film. On the other hand, Seth Green gets raped by a gorilla and a dog does die in it…



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