Lurkers (1988)

Lurkers (1988)

Directed by: Roberta Findlay

Starring: Christine Moore, Gary Warner, Marina Taylor

Lurkers? What the fuck is this movie? I never saw no movie named Lurkers… Let’s just look at the IMDb synopsis… something about a lady named Cathy… and there’s a house of… OHHH yeahhhhhhh! I remember this movie now! This movie was retarded.

A woman returns to her childhood home where she finds a group of people having a party. They try to scare her in stupid ways that make no sense, and then tell her that the house is actually hell and she’s dead, and now she has to be a ghost like them. Why they wasted their time scaring her and shit, I have no idea.

If horror movies have taught me several things, one of those things is to never ever visit a childhood home of mine. It’ll either be haunted, or hell, or my deformed brother I never knew about still lives there and he wants to kill me for my skin. Not gonna do it. Why would anybody go back to their childhood home, anyway? Somebody else lives there now. Leave those poor people alone.



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One response to “Lurkers (1988)

  • Ian

    I’d just like to add that this movie had the MOST inappropriate music I have ever heard in a horror film. It’s very hard to be afraid when midi cha-chas are blaring.

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