Dark Reprieve (2008)

Dark Reprieve (2008)

Directed by: Richard Boddington

Starring: Janelle Bartosek, Shawn Storer, Sarah Jackson

This movie is shit. Sorry, I haven’t written in here in a while, I’ve lost my edge for more colorful description.

Two people wake up in an abandoned prison and, through a confusingly bad series of flashbacks and dream sequences, do nothing at all. NOT A SINGLE FUCKING THING IS DONE IN THIS MOVIE. I think maybe they die at the end, but that could’ve just been hopeful revisionist history on my part.

If your idea for a cheap movie is “let’s put two people in a space by themselves and have them figure out what’s going on”, you’re going to have to do two important things: First, the actors have to BE ABLE TO ACT. Second, and most important, you actually have to write something interesting for them to think about about. Dark Reprieve fails in the most basic way in both of these categories, and instead ends up being a muddled mess of boring, inspiring impotent rage in the viewer. I guess that could’ve been what they were going for, though…



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