Booty Double (1999)

Booty Double (1999)

Directed by: Wesley Emerson

Starring: Chocolate, Mocha, Cinnabunz

So, apparently black porn stars are named after desserts? Huh. And really, “Cinnabunz”? Anyway, this is a porn version of The Prince and the Pauper, which just goes to show that you really can make porn out of anything.

A famous pop singer is tired of the constant demands on her her profession requires, so she decides to switch lives with one of her maids, who looks exactly like her. I just assume that all rich and famous people have a double working for them at some point in their organization for just such an occasion. She eventually learns to appreciate her own life when she finds out her double’s husband treats her really poorly, and also that she’s poor and being poor and having a shitty husband sucks. It’s not a very deep moral lesson, admittedly, but it is a porno after all.

I was hoping for some split-screen pornography here, but instead they just had an actual body double who kinda sorta looked like the main character and just used framing and edits to make it seem like there were two of her. Still, that’s more effort than most people would put into a porn, so they gotta get some credit there.



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