Ninja Academy (1988)

Ninja Academy (1988)

Directed by: Nico Mastorakis

Starring: Will Egan, Gerald Okamura, Kelly Randall

Wow. Here I expected some Karate Kid ripoff, and instead I get a high-concept Police Academy. That’s a pretty steep difference between levels of bad to expect.

To save his ninja academy, an old Japanese guy must train some good students to help him against some guys who want to buy the place, but all his students are BONKERS! There’s a James Bond pastiche, a girl who only cares about clothes, a mime… the list goes on! Eventually they all become great ninjas and save the day. HELP ME MY EYES DON’T CLOSE ANYMORE, IT’S SO FUCKING FASCINATING!!!

Uh, there’s a mime in this movie. So…


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