Ballgame (1980)

Ballgame (1980)

Directed by: Erwin C. Dietrich, Ann Perry

Starring: Candida Royalle, Lisa De Leeuw, Ian MacGregor

You’d probably assume that a movie called Ballgame would be about some sort of game with balls, or maybe since this is a porno it would just be a euphemism, but it’d still be based around the concept of baseball, right? Welp, turns out it’s a women in prison film. Yep.

The story is about a prison that apparently specializes in holding caught prostitutes, but the conditions in the prison are terrible, so the girls appeal to the warden’s kindness. When that doesn’t work, they appeal to the fact that he’s trying to run for governor, and if people found out about what a shithole his prison is, nobody would vote for him. For some reason, he tells them that if they win a baseball game against the guards, he’d give them the improvements they want. The game itself lasts about five minutes and has no sex whatsoever in it, then they win and the movie’s over.

Porn used to be a lot different. Nowadays it’s is generally delivered in half-hour/hour-long chunks of solid sex, but in older films like this one, it’s almost more like a bunch of small excerpts, scattered out throughout the film. Honestly, it’s a much more cinematic approach to it, which explains why porn with stories are the exception to the rule anymore.

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