Tripod Versus the Dragon (2010)

Tripod Versus the Dragon (2010)

Directed by: Neil Gladwin

Starring: Scott Edgar, Simon Hall, Steven Gates

This is a recording of a live show by an Australian comedy troupe, Tripod, with a D&D theme to it. It mixes songs with shadow puppets and insults and… it’s just terrible. You know all those bad stereotypes about improv comedy? Turns out they’re all true.

Three guys, a warrior who wants to be a bard, a priest and a wizard, go on a quest to a part of a map that’s not filled in and find a dragon there, who approaches them earlier in the story as a woman. Then they go down to hell and there’s something about magic wizard hats, and the songs… oh god, the songs…

Part of what makes this such a bad mish-mash of a comedy are the songs. Obviously the whole thing is just a play to show off their music, but it’s either uninspired comic songs or just boring serious songs, which don’t fit in with the tone of the rest of the show at all. Mix that with hackneyed, obvious fantasy tropes and equally common jokes, and the end result is an uninspired, unfunny waste of time. Luckily, there’s little chance you’ll be running across this anywhere, as they don’t even have an IMDb page, and it actually took quite a bit of digging for to me to find out just the few credits I require for my own OCD to be satisfied.


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